About The Network Hub

We have great empathy for founders. We are them!

We believe in small business and entrepreneurship’s power to transform community. We emphatically believe that entrepreneurs should be able to accelerate their business on as little expense as possible. Our space is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and managed by entrepreneurs – every one at The Network Hub has started a company themselves. EVERY ONE.

This is why The Network Hub is so different from any other spaces. We, the managers/operators/cofounders have structurally set up The Network Hub differently because we know what your business means to you. We understand the challenge of scaling, building out your team with top talent, the hours that is involved in starting and running a business. Disrupting industries isn’t for the faint of heart. We get it, we believe it, we know it!

From beautifully furnished private office spaces, to clustered shared workspace for teams and flexible hourly meeting room rental or workspace with smoking fast internet speed, it is plug and play the moment you step into The Network Hub. Business is complicated, workspace shouldn’t be complicated, you shouldn’t have to be tied to a lease or spend a huge amount upfront to have an awesome office. entrepreneurship.

The future belongs to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the roundpegs in the squareholes, the ones who see things differently.

Great businesses practice efficiency.