Chromatik Takes Twiistup Top Showoff Prize

Once in a while we get a transplant from another city and that’s always exciting because it makes for really awesome conversations about startups in other cities for our Friday beer o’clock. Denis Lebel is a Montreal native who is also the CTO for a Los Angelos-based startup called Chromatik. During one of our usual beer o’clock at The Network Hub, Denis gave us a little low down on Chromatik and we were all floored with how creative and innovative Chromatik is.

What is Chromatik?

Los Angeles-based Chromatik is a startup working to redefine how students learn music. The company’s adaptive learning platform brings the world’s best music techniques, teachers and content to students’ fingertips via mobile and desktop applications. In essence, what Rosetta Stone did for languages, Chromatik is doing for music.

Chromatik recently took home the top honor as the Twiistup 8 “Showoff winner.”  Twiistup – the Los Angeles region’s seminal tech industry conference and emerging company showcase. Chromatik was selected to present before a panel of judges and audience of more than 300 technology industry leaders from Southern California and around the world.

The Twiistup 8 panel of judges was composed of Naval Ravikant (Angel List), Scott Sangster (TechCoast Angels), Matt Thompson (Microsoft), Paige Craig (BetterWorks) and Jim Andelman (Rincon Venture Partners). The Showoff teams were selected based on their technology, business model, management team, competitive environment and other key criteria for success.

We can’t wait until Chromatik launches because we have no doubt it will be an amazing success but for now you can still sign up to be an early beta user.

Check out Chromatik at