David Olson of GraniteMind IT Solutions

With Friend Friday, we highlight some of the wonderful entrepreneurs and small business owners who do their thing at The Network Hub. This week, we take a look at David Olson of GraniteMind IT Solutions.

Tell us who you are and what you do

My name is David Olson and my company is called GraniteMind IT Solutions. I help small and medium sized businesses manage their technology so that it works best today, and is properly positioned to lead them into the future with a superior competitive advantage. I’m a PMP (Project Management Professional) with over 18 years of experience in technology and project management.


Tell us something unique about your company

I’ve found that my clients tend to have two pressing needs: immediate problems with their computers that need fixing, and needing help creating and executing their technology strategies for the future to make them more competitive. I am a unique animal in that I provide full soup to nuts help – from solving the most difficult technical problem, to planning and executing technology strategy at all business levels. I’m one of those few geeks who can fix a router, draft business technology strategy, lead an organization, and perform well in the board room – all on the same day!


What inspired you to get into this line of work

Years at a Fortune 1000 company gave me a broad swath of experience and knowledge through the many roles I performed. I’ve always been inspired to take things to the next level to use all the skills I’ve acquired, and going out on my own with GraniteMind is allowing me to realize this dream.


What do you enjoy most about what you do

The thing I enjoy doing most is learning. Being in technology requires you to move your skills forward as things change. That pace forward is breathtaking, and learning news technologies, methodologies, and ways to help my customers is what I enjoy most.


Where do you see your industry going in the next two years

Rates of project success in technology across all sizes of business is abysmal. Few small and medium sized companies have been able to secure top notch professional project management. I intend to change that.


What made you decide to work at The Network Hub

Initially I needed the space to complete my studies for my PMP credential. That then changed into providing cost effective office space, with a good location, as I’ve moved forward with starting GraniteMind.


How has the experience been for you

The service here at the Hub has been excellent, from simple office functions, to keeping the environment fresh and vibrant. Being around other professionals including designers, programmers, and other startups, has provided me with a great group of people to mix with and learn from. The experience has been excellent.


You can reach David at dolson@granitemind.com