Mark Tempest

Mark Tempest settled into The Network Hub shortly after arriving in Vancouver from London. Before his big move to Vancouver, he started, an action sports video platform, and built it from the ground up. He took the site from zero to over 2.5 million unique viewers in under 3 years, 2 million video streams per month and getting MPORA videos embedded on over 6000 websites! As you may already know, its Europe’s largest action sports video platform.


We hardly see him here before 11am and to us we just thought that was the way he wanted to work – on his own schedule, like most entrepreneurs. But for Mark, he starts his day off at 6am where he Skypes with people in London. When he’s finally in the office, he’s working on his new project, developing an action sports price comparison engine that will launch in May. It will offer user and expert reviews as well as highlight the best place to buy everything from snowboards to mountain bikes.


With all this work on hand, he is still open to taking clients who he can help with SEO, social media, and developing their ideas through his web consultancy firm, Deepnet Media Inc. “I also run a network of my own affiliate websites as its much better to experiment on your own websites than on a clients,” he adds.
It’s only been a couple months since Mark has been in Vancouver and he noticed a shift in how Vancouver works. “Generally people in Vancouver seem to have an idea and then the next day go into start up mode. In London, people have ideas and carry on with the 9-5 so it’s really cool to discuss with people as they drive their vision forward.”


“I am still amazed at how positive people in Vancouver are – I thought I was a positive guy… so I love meeting with other web people from Vancouver to hear what they are doing or have a beer and discuss the latest SEO changes etc..” he says of Vancouverites.