Super Sam of Five Star Financials

Out of all the business and finance questions I wanted to ask Super Sam with Five Star Financials why he has Superman on his desk was at the top! Sam, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet has a vintage Superman article “Superman vs the Taxman” that shows how hard taxes can be and how the right tax advisor can save you money.

Sam shares his top 3 favorite things about co-working:

  1. Meeting so many people with the similar challenges of having their own businesses
  2. Enjoying how camaraderie replaces “office politics” that often occur in the workspace
  3. The cost of operation being so affordable

With his MBA and over 12 years being an entrepreneur Sam specializes in Small Business Advising. He is passionate about “taking the stress out of small businesses and start-ups”. Five Star Financials (link here) has two on-call assistants as well as a network of CA/CGA’s through their second website


One of the things we spent time talking about was HOW does one “take the stress away”? Sam with his great smile laughs and says “by helping you keep your money away from the government”. That, in my opinion is an excellent way to not feel stressed. Business Finance advisors are there to do just that, help you maintain cash flow, keep accurate records, keep more money in your pocket and help you find the resources you need to keep money coming in to your business.


In addition to micro-blogging on twitter through his handle @cantaxpro Sam blogs regularly on his site providing relevant and essential information for businesses. His site is loaded with great information as well as the “Worry Free, Peace of Mind, Money Back- Accuracy Guarantee: We promise to prepare YOUR tax return the most efficient way so that you have the least income tax. If CRA adjust your income tax return, we will review it for accuracy at no cost to you.” Now that is a deal even Superman can appreciate.