Explore Vancouver: Need Vancouver office space? Consider coworking

It used to be that when you had a business, all of your employees stayed under one roof. This was long before the Internet and email made connecting with the rest of the world as simple as opening up your computer. Progress has allowed business owners to think beyond their own four walls, and we live in a day and age where the concept of telecommuting is no longer considered going against the trend. Whether you have an established business that is just growing into office space or a start-up that is looking for a more ‘official’ business presence, the concept of coworking might be the solution for you.

Setting up an office in Vancouver can be an extremely expensive endeavor. Downtown office space is pricey, and often you could pay upwards of $1500 per month for a tiny 500 square foot space. Once you’ve obtained your space, you need to pay utilities and furnish it with appropriate furniture. These types of costs can be the undoing of cash strapped business owners who are searching for a professional place for their growing business. Its fortunate that Vancouverites have The Networking Hub on Richards Street as a solution to their office space issues. At The Networking Hub you can rent office space by the month, and they have a variety of packages that will suit anyone from the entrepreneur just starting out to the established business owner. Amenities include mail forwarding, professional phone answering, and the use of their boardroom. If you are just popping in for a few hours, you can hotdesk and rent space for $5 per hour or $35 for the day.

Yaletown is one of the most trendy addresses in Vancouver, and it is the home to software developers, Internet startups, and busy entrepreneurs. Yaletown 209 offers a variety of options for coworkers, including packages that will allow you to rent 4 or more desks for $325 per month. For a startup, Yaletown 209 offers you all of the comforts of your own office space at a fraction of the cost.

Coworking is a trend that is only going to evolve as the Internet grows. Not only does coworking ease the financial burden that starting up your own business places on you, but it allows you to networking with other like minded individuals in a casual business setting. It is easy to put the best face forward for your business when you utilize one of the many coworking services in Vancouver.

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