Cheaper than PO boxes

Our mailbox rental is a greater alternative to the regular PO box rental. A lot of the times, post office boxes only receive letters. If you have parcels sent to PO boxes, they usually charge you for storage and the size of it. With our service, we’re able to receive parcels of any size (as long as they fit through our doors) and letters without cost. You don’t have to wait in line to pick up your oversized packages or letters.

And then there are always the unexpected customs and duty fees. Parcels with any customs or duty fees are always left uncertain at PO boxes – will they be received or paid for?  Overweight packages are not received by PO boxes either. Not to worry, we pay for this when it arrives and invoice you. This way, you are not losing any business or any important shipments that end up costing you more money.

With our packages, you have the option of having your mail forwarded to you at a very low cost. For longer sign up terms, you receive a higher discount. Check out our Downtown Vancouver mailbox rental service for more information!