Don’t Want Clients to Come to your House? Use Mailbox Rental!

It is common for many businesses to work out of the home. Small startup companies, internet based companies, service providers and many other unique businesses find themselves without a traditional office space. This is great to keep costs to a minimum. But there are some amenities and conveniences of a permanent space that are beneficial to any business owner.

The Network Hub caters to the needs of mobile business by providing important company services. These include mail services, phone answering and a concrete space to host meetings. All of these provisions help virtual and home-based businesses maintain a feeling of professionalism and help to keep your information private and secure.

We provide mail box rentals, mail forwarding and mail scanning. Your company can rent one of our mail boxes so that you can give your customers an address other than that of your home- keeping your residential address private. Our receptionist can also forward your mail to your home address so that you don’t need to come into our office! If you would rather receive your mail via email, we can also scan and send you a digital image. ! No matter where you are, we can provide you with quality mail services: mail forwarding, mail box rentals and mail notifications.

Sometimes, even virtual companies need to host a real meeting. You can rent out one of meeting rooms to keep your business professional. Our meeting rooms come complete with projector set ups, outlets and large tables with plenty of seating.

Located in Vancouver, The Network Hub can be the solid office space that your from home or virtual business needs! Keep your residential address private with our mail services and give your clients a professional place to meet. While you’re here, check out all of the other business solutions The Network Hub has to offer!

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