Alix Cote of New Westminster’s Technology and Business Meetup

The Network Hub would like everyone to meet our community organizer of the month, Alix Cote, of the New Westminster Technology and Business Meetup Group. Alix has lived in New Westminster for over 12 years and holds a B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University in Computer Science. She also works for a local software company Uptown. Read more about Alix below.

How did the New West Technology and Business Meetup Group get started?

“I started the New Westminster technology and Business Meetup Group out of a need I saw in the community. The software company I work for in Uptown New Westminster was hiring. During this process, there were a few applicants that I invited to come in for an interview. On more than one occasion, the applicant declined to come in once finding out we were in New Westminster (even though the post did say the position was located in New Westminster). I saw a need to build up a network of technology and business professionals where we can learn from each other and share information. I want to build a community of other professionals in business and technology and see if we can start to increase the profile in New Westminster as a place to come live and work.”

What do you enjoy most about the business and tech industry?

“I love the hybrid between business and technology because to build technology products, you really need to understand the value it brings to the market. There is a mix of understanding the strategy, marketing, sales and technology. Everyday is different.”

How will the business and tech community in New West benefit from the Meetup?

“My goal is to build the profile of New Westminster as a place talented people can come to work and live.  Tech companies in New Westminster can come learn from others or come present on different projects they are working on. It is also an opportunity to network with others in business and technology.”

What do you love most about the New West community?

“I love how engaged and committed to New Westminster everyone is here. So many people who live or work here give back to the community in some way, whether it is small or large.”

Where do you want to see the New West Technology and Business Meetup in five years?

“In five years, I would like the group to grow to include many more members, regular contributors, possibly a support group for new technology companies starting out. I would also like to see a job board and other ways to support job seekers and companies seeking talent. As we build out our membership, there will be more opportunities to expand – the members will certainly be a part of the direction we go.”

What do you like to do on your spare time?

“I love to spend time with my husband and kids exploring New Westminster. I like the sport of curling in the winter and I enjoy some unplugged downtime at our recreation property in the summer.”

The Network Hub is excited and proud to collaborate with Alix and this growing Meetup Group. For more information about the New Westminster Technology and Business Meetup and their upcoming events, click here:

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