Tech Startup Basics

If you are in Vancouver thinking about your first startup you are in the right city. There are already many technology, digital media and entertainment industry companies located in Vancouver. The benefits of having an established tech hub include a supply of highly qualified workers, networking and contracting opportunities and availability of local service and product suppliers.

There are many resources to help you through the process to get up and running. The OneStop Business Registry has much of the information you need to get started.

Business Set Up Basics
– make your business plan
– register your company name
– incorporate your business
– set up your bank accounts
– register your trade marks and/or logo
– register any patents and copyrights
– obtain your domain name and social media accounts
– register for provincial and federal tax accounts
– apply for business and industry licenses
– order your business cards

If you have set up your business without the help of a lawyer and accountant you will want to start getting some referrals for future reference. Finding firms that have experience working within your specific industry are preferable.

An option for startups and particularly those with remote or mobile workers may be to use flexible office space. The Network Hub can be cost effective and beneficial for their variety of workspace and services that range from reception, high speed internet access, multiple locations and meeting rooms. The packaged services allow you to choose from private offices to coworking desk spaces so you can scale your office requirements as needed.

Funding sources may include venture capital, angel investors and crowdfunding. Industry specific organizations can also be utilized for funding. Also, the benefits provided by tax credits should not be overlooked.

Industry organizations can be helpful in a variety of ways including providing mentoring, networking opportunities and resources. Groups such as the BCTIA and DigiBC regularly host events and workshops on a range of technology topics.

The list of technology and digital media related companies in Vancouver is ever growing and includes Amazon, Microsoft, Industrial Light and Magic, Double Negative, MDA, UrtheCast and Electronic Arts. The infrastructure and resources for the tech community continue to grow in the city and provide many advantages for new startups in Vancouver.

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