Gareth Lewin

The Network Hub is home to a great variety of entrepreneur in a range of industries. One such individual is Gareth Lewin. a freelancer software developer since he was a tot. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Gareth about it.

What makes your company unique?

Me! No other company has me, and my company has no one else!

What inspired you to get into this line of work?

I’ve been programming since I was 6, and doing it as a profession since I dropped out of school at the age of 16, so over 20 years now.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I find that programming to me is a form of art, and much like most forms of art there are two aspects to it, both the craftsmanship and the artistry.

Where do you see your industry going in the next 2 years?

Software Dev, and games specifically are just getting bigger.

What made you decide to work at The Network Hub?

I was working out of my bedroom, and was getting lonely and extremely sedentary. My son started going to a school in New Westminster so The Network Hub was very convenient.

How has the experience been for you?

I love working here. There is a great buzz about the place without being loud or distracting. The River Market that we are in has some of the best food in BC.

Where words fail, typography speaks. Which font are you?

After a bit of looking around, I am definitely . I’m loud, bold and very disorganized.

You can connect with Gareth online through Twitter @GarethLewin