Justin Long of Alloy

Our latest Friend Friday is a long time hubber and friend, Justin Long, to tell us a bit about Alloy. Justin, take it away…

Most people know me as Justin Long, but apparently I have been nicknamed “The Dub” by an anonymous group. Alloy is a gig I run with a couple others, but it’s not often you have an original approach like ours. To demonstrate with a non-traditional Friend Friday:

Did you notice the can on a string? The “tin can telephone” was our first installation when we changed up our office at the Hub. Our philosophy is that every business deserves a direct line to those on the team.

We conceived Alloy as the simplest way for a business team to schedule, track, and record operations with a laptop and a cell phone. We wanted the simplest needs for businesses of all types to be able to do it in a single app, and be able to do it entirely for free. Take this ball of string:

Isn’t it great that you don’t need a lot of stuff to make a tin can telephone? And we re-used the cans from our lunch, too! So when we say all Alloy needs is a laptop and a cell phone, it’s really just that. Our little pieces of technology have so much potential packed inside of them, why do we need to go get all this extra stuff? Alloy simply runs in any modern browser and no downloading is required.

And what else is awesome about a tin can telephone? It’s really fast. You talk in one end and in less than a second your voice gets to the other person. Alloy works the same way: it’s built for speed and rapid communication. Why waste your time making calls trying to find out a worker’s location and status?

So does this apply to people outside the company? Absolutely. Your customers have no desire to suffer without their own tin can telephone. Have you ever ordered pizza from a mom and pop shop only to find out you have no idea when they will arrive at your door? We have a nifty feature called Relay that sends an SMS or email to your customer that shows them a map with your ETA and distance. And the cool part is you can use it when you go to meet your friends or coworkers for a meeting.

What we want to make revolutionary about our platform is to give these essentials for free. I’d compare our model to online email and calendar offerings.

But why keep waiting to learn more? Our beta is coming out soon and slowly we’ll be releasing users to the action. Sign up here: http://alloyengine.com/signup.html